The Freedom Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation is an organization whose mission is to transform the lives of young people, their families and their communities in developing nations around the world through the liberating power of free enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Originally the vision of entrepreneur Dan Monaghan of Toronto Canada, Freedom has been involved in sustainable development projects in South America, Africa and East Asia since 2004.  It is the belief of the Freedom organization that true economic development in underdeveloped regions of the world can best be addressed through the spirit of free enterprise and personal empowerment.  “When it comes to sustainable international development, it has been proven that a hand out provides assistance for a time, while providing a hand up can help provide a foundation for long term growth and development” empasised Dan Monaghan.  

The Freedom initiative, born as a result of Toronto think tank, grew out of a desire shared by a group of concerned individuals looking for a way to make a sustainable difference in the world.  Through partnership with organizations like World Vision of Canada (a Mississauga based organization), Freedom has grown in its impact in key development regions of the world.

This site will feature some of the young entrepreneurs that are benefiting from Freedom’s development activities in various parts of the world.